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Our business is recruitment.
We understand our client's requirements and we customize our services. We search. We find. We search again. This is our work, and it is our life.

We have been recruiting personnel for our clients for over 19 years. We consult our clients on personnel recruitment and management. We have been doing it successfully for a long time. Our resources and experience allow us to accomplish most unusual tasks.

Terms of cooperation

  • No prepayment: the payment is made when the candidate starts his employment.
  • The exact sum is negotiated individually and depends on the complexity of the vacancy, its urgency, the guarantee period and cooperation exclusivity.
  • The standard guarantee period for employed candidates is 90 calendar days. The period is negotiated individually and depends on the client’s preferences.
  • In case the employment of the candidate is terminated during the guarantee period, an adequate free replacement is provided, regardless of who was the initiator of the termination.

Work method

Our consultants are involved with the client at all stages of the project, from the first call till the final hand-shake which allows us to achieve the desired result within an optimal time period.

  1. Within one hour after your telephone call, our Client department transfers your recruitment order to a Consultant.
  2. Within two hours the Consultant will get in touch with you to arrange a meeting.

Advantages of working with Unity

  • Over the period of 19 years we have closed 17 776 vacancies in Moscow and 80 other locations in Russia and abroad.
  • Our team closes over 80 positions of specialists and managers every month.
  • We work on over 300 positions at a time.
We value the transparency of interaction with our clients and candidates as well as efficiency of work on each project, and of course we value the speed of accomplishing our tasks.


Functions: Closed vacancies:
  • Top management 605
  • Sales 4314
  • Engineering 2225
  • HR management, training 939
  • Accounting, management accounting 3667
  • Marketing, advertising, PR 754

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