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Ericsson s the world’s leading supplier of telecom equipment and services for telecom operators all around the world. Ericsson equipment is used in more than 1,000 networks in 180 countries, and 40% of all mobile calls are made with the help of the given systems.

The company was founded in 1876. The parent company is Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson (registration number 556016-0680). Ericsson headquarter is in Stockholm, Sweden, and that is where its board of directors is located, too.

Ericsson is rich in traditions and experience in telecom business. The company was one of the first to open foreign representative offices. At the very initial stage of the company’s development, its founder, Lars Magnus Ericsson, opened a manufacturing enterprise in the northern capital of Russia, St.Petersburg.

Today the company goes on expanding and developing its business, trying to make telecom technologies affrodable for everyone. This goal has been the key one for the company since 1878, when Lars Magnus Ericsson presented the first telephones of his brand to the consumers.

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