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Recruitment agency Unity

Founded in February, 1999

We help our clients
to achieve success
through their personnel.

Our team

Our employees are the key factor of Unity's success. Our team continues working on a project until both they and the client are satisfied. Our corporate life is about constant search for new solutions, more information, and about acquiring and mastering skills. Our professionals are using their experience and creativity to get best possible results. We understand what a strong team is and how difficult it is to make the right decision. We also understand the satisfaction one feels after doing a good job. We are efficient, we have achieved a lot, because we are together.

Kristina Avanesova. Group leader. Recruitment consultant.

Svetlana Aleksandruk. Group leader. Recruitment consultant.

Andrey Anistsyn. Chief of IT department.

Irina Antonenko. Group leader. Recruitment consultant.

Irina Bazyleva. Group leader. Recruitment consultant.

Rustam Barnokhodzhaev. Key clients department director.

Irma Bochorishvili. Group leader. Recruitment consultant.

Tatyana Golubnichenko. Group lead. Recruitment consultant.

Olga Goryunova. Chief of client department.

Darya Ryabova. Group leader. Recruitment consultant.

Stanislav Zlobin. Group leader. Recruitment consultant.

Andrey Ivanov. Executive director.

Svetlana Keizik. Group leader. Recruitment consultant.

Anna Krylova. Group leader. Recruitment consultant.

Larionova Janna. Group leader. Recruitment consultant.

Vladislav Lobanov. General director.

Markina Tatyana. Group lead. Recruitment consultant.

Olga Rybalova. Group leader. Recruitment consultant.

Yulia Sadovskaya. Group leader. Recruitment consultant.

Samoilovich Georgiy. Group leader. Recruitment consultant.

Elena Timoshkina. Group leader. Recruitment consultant.

Margarita Udovenko. Group leader. Recruitment consultant.

Elena Filatova. Chief of finance department.

Anna Chernaya. HR manager.

Lyudmila Chernyakova. Business development director.

Alexander Shakhov. Group leader. Recruitment consultant.

Evgenia Titova. Group leader. Recruitment consultant.

Shevchenko Natalya. Specialist.

Alexandra Antonova. Leading specialist.

Elena Balandina. Leading specialist.

Kira Baltrushaitine. Leading specialist.

Janova Anna. Specialist.

Natalya Barsukova. Leading specialist.

Vera Batayeva. Specialist.

Svetlana Bozhko. Leading specialist.

Irina Butenko. Specialist.

Evdokimova Ekaterina. Leading specialist.

Yershova Anna. Specialist.

Vadim Istomin. Leading specialist.

Karpov Ruslan. Leading specialist.

Karpova Yana. Leading specialist.

Klimenko Elvira. Specialist.

Alena Gololobova. Specialist.

Victoria Kharitonova. Leading specialist.

Kudryavtseva Anna. Specialist.

Elvira Mahmutova. Specialist.

Lopatova Ekaterina. Leading specialist.

Lushenkova Yuliya. Leading specialist.

Olga Lynova. Specialist.

Sofia Khvalebnova. Leading specialist.

Mariya Serezhina. Specialist.

Mertsalova Natalia. Specialist.

Oksana Mironova. Specialist.

Pavlova Victoria. Leading specialist.

Olga Plakatina. Leading specialist.

Potapova Dina. Specialist.

Rodkina Lyudmila. Specialist.

Mariya Fedorova. Specialist.

Ekaterina Romaschenko. Leading specialist.

Anna Ryzhkova. Leading specialist.

Olga Sapozhnikova. Leading specialist.

Shindyapina Marina. Leading specialist.

Elena Sverdlik. Specialist.

Darya Sherchkova. Specialist.

Marina Tikhomirova. Leading specialist.

Unkova Delgira. Specialist.

Fedina Mariya. Specialist.

Kristina Paskina. Specialist.

Our clients

Our clients are our partners. It is thanks to them that we have achieved a lot of what we are proud of today. We realize that strategic partnership is impossible without mutual trust which allows us to reach complete understanding and make long-term plans. Step by step, result by result, we get closer to our common goal.

Proud and satisfied with our achievement, we consider our cooperation with every new client as a chance to search for another unique solution. Our clients' achievements and development of their business becomes our victory too and it drives us forward. Our clients' growth and success mean Unity's growth and success.

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