Unity has successfully completed 2 773 projects in the sphere of Construction and real estate

We have successfully completed 2892 projects in the sphere of Manufacturing and production

3530 professionals in Accounting have started work in our clients' companies

468 companies have obtained experienced top managers

4 172 professionals drive sales of goods and services successfully in our clients' companies

On average there are constantly over 300 vacancies of our clients in our pipeline

Over 3000 companies have found new employees with our help

Over 80 professionals a month get jobs in our clients' companies

Every hour our secretaries receive over 40 incoming calls from job seekers

On average our employee smiles 47 times a day

Our employees cover about 3 kilometers a day walking about the office

Unity has been one of Top-5 best recruitment agencies of Russia for a few years in a row

There are over 2 mln job seekers' resumes in our database today

We have completed 16 949 projects on search and selection as of today

Unity team today is over 200 employees

Every month over 2 thousand job seekers are interviewed in our office

We get 15-20 thousand resumes every month from various sources

Over 2 000 interviews are conducted in our office every month

In 2016 the number of repeated orders from our clients amounted to 87%

We have closed vacancies in 80 locations in Russia

On average our recruiter makes over 50 phone calls a day

Average period waiting for an interview in our office in 2016 was 3.2 minutes

About 1 200 resumes come to Unity every day from various sources

The average length of service of our practice's leads is 9 years

The company was founded on February 8, 1999

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Recruitment agency Unity:

personnel search and selection

We work with our clients, meet their expectations, needs and demands. Our history is our experience, which helps us accomplish atypical tasks

Over the period of 20 years:
19573 projects have been successfully accomplished

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